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Voodoo Black Magic is the finest way to solve your problem like love, money etc. In Voodoo Black Magic is a well-known service because they face black magic affected cases every day and solve them. voodoo black magic is the successful black magical service that can do far away from all trouble from you. You can get a problem solution to your problem doesn't matter from which matter it is related or affected by voodoo black magic then black magic is the best way to solve your difficulties in your love life or money problems.

People say Voodoo Black magic is the way through which you developing the troubles in someone's life. If black magic is done completely with wrong thoughts then it is a voodoo black magic. Voodoo doll Black magic is a conversion of your strong thoughts into negative and bad thoughts. When a person has caught into the trap of voodoo black magic and that person has lost all the power of think then to come out from this astrologer and horoscope (vashikaran) help. Without the help of astrologer this the task is impossible but voodoo doll black magic uses this technique only to help people.

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Thank popular portrayal in Voodoo dolls by Hollywood, voodoo doll black magic is perhaps one of the world’s most misunderstood religion. Most depictions of voodoo black magic show a dark, voodoo mysterious religion that revolves around animal sacrifice, casting harmful voodoo spells, and using voodoo dolls to hurt others, souls. That’s about as far from the black magic truth as you can get, and the real stories behind voodoo black magic are proof that you can’t believe everything you see on television.

 voodoo-doll black magic

Voodoo, also spells “Vodou,” derives from the West African ward spells like “vodun,” which means face “spirit.” The voodoo doll magic religion traces to the Yoruba people of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, who lived in what are today the countries of Benin (formerly Dahomey), Nigeria, and Togo. It's roots of voodoo magic, however, are considered to be from 5000 to 10,000 years old. Voodoo black magic is practiced in the parts of Africa, India it originated from, as well as in Haiti and parts of Louisiana in the United States(US), with each place, developing its own form. The actual beliefs and practices of voodoo black magic differ from how they are presented in Hollywood movies; voodoo’s doll black magic practices are based on a tiered spiritual structure.

Voodoo doll black magic culture is derived from ancient African and ancient Indian religions. Their religions were a firm believer of the Voodoo Black Magic. When they were integrated into the Voodoo doll magic culture, the practice of Voodoo Black Magic also was introduced in the new religion. 7 Place in India where Voodoo Black Magic is Still Practised! The Voodoo black magic can be performed only by a practitioner and in certain circumstance. They primarily use Voodoo Dolls.


1. The victim body/soul suffers different types of pains in the body.
2. The pain moving in a different part of the body.
3. The victim sees the blood drops and sometimes the water drops on his/her cloths face or any part of the body.
4. Sometime in worst cases, the returning voodoo dolls attacks hurt the victim at the same time in morning and evening and the victim suffers from different types of pain on same time daily.
5. The mental health gradually destroys and the victims mind blocks.
6. For long-term Voodoo Dolls, black magic curses make too much mental health problem.
7. The victim of Voodoo Dolls suffers from swearing depression and anxiety.
8. The victim suffers from nightmares and the sleep of victim disturbs.
9. Fear for no reason and sometimes different types of faces occurs in darkness in the morning or night.
10. The victim faces hurdles in getting treatment or performing of prayers and meditation.
11. The voodoo dolls make peoples attract with opposite-sex attraction for no reason.
12. The victim of voodoo black magic suffers from bad breath and weakness for no reason.
13. The dark marks start occurring under eyes.
14. When wake ups the victim feels pain as someone has inserted the knife in his chest.
15. Different types of voodoo dark marks start occurring on the different part of the body, especially on shoulder and legs.
16. Weight loss without any disease or illness.
17. The loss of money for no reason, unemployment for no reason and continues loss in running the business.
18. The peoples around the victim don’t want to communicate with the victim and no more willing to make any type of favors for a victim of voodoo dolls magic.
19. The victims think for suicidal attempts under the attack of voodoo.
20. Gradually the victims lost the interest in life also the social life and business circle.
21. The victim of voodoo feels that the day is the last day of his/her life.
22. The victim of voodoo dolls black magic feels that soon somebody dead around him/her.
23. The medical treatment will no more helpful for pain relief.
24. The victim of voodoo suffers from different types of diseases once after another which are unable to diagnose.
25. Bleeding from different parts of the body happens in case of worst voodoo black magic attacks.
26. The medical treatment will not be effective to stop the bleeding.
27. The victim feels uncomfortable in praying, meditation or healing.
28. The victim of voodoo black magic loss his goods likes Gold, Jewelry, Clothes, Hairs, Nails, and Shoes etc.
29. The sudden changes in mood are also the main reason for this type of black magic.
30. The victim hears a different type of voices.


The first type of voodoo black magic works with the cloths nails hairs or any other thing which the victim wears or touch. The second type of voodoo black magic works with dead animals and the magician uses the dead animals and their body parts to perform Voodoo black magic on others.The third type of voodoo works with vashikaran mantra commonly known as satanic words, this third type is worst because this type of voodoo only works with help of Satan and satans teaches these word to the magician and help him in performing the union altar.

These are 3 different types of voodoo black magic also one more thing I would like to tell you in this section is that the magician can use the voodoo dolls and perform he alter the voodoo doll black magic for the cause and type of attack he wants to get the victim suffers from that attack.

Pins used in Voodoo doll black Magic There are many types of pins that are used in Voodoo doll magic. The use of each voodoo doll pin is done for separate activity and each has a color which carries different types of meaning.

Seven's Voodoo doll Pins And Their Energies:
Red voodoo pin for - Power
Black voodoo pin for - Repelling negative Energy
White voodoo pin for- Positive
Blue voodoo pin for - Love
Green voodoo pin for - Money
Yellow voodoo pin for - Success
Purple voodoo pin for - Spirituality

In many cases, Voodoo dolls black magic can be used to hurt one person. It is believed that when certain voodoo spells are performed on the voodoo doll then it can resemble the victim. The doll is then pierced with needles. The actual victim feels the same needles and the effects can be devastated. The part of the person which is pierced with needles can be paralyzed. Worst is the twisting of the voodoo doll which is said that it could result in the death of the victim!

Though Voodoo doll magic is not a very popular art in India it is performed by certain tribals. It is mostly popular in the eastern part of the country. In West Bengal, Voodoo doll magic is performed. In Odisha, it is also performed In. The tribals of Chattisgarh also believe in such type of black magic.

There are a number of requirement to perform a Voodoo doll black magic. The Voodoo doll should be made of fabric and it should resemble a proper voodoo doll human. There is also a need to attach a part of the victim to the voodoo doll. For example, a lock of skin or hair. The voodoo spells need to be performed in an exact manner otherwise it is believed that they could backfire.

The magic is performed in Voodoo culture mainly through the use of Voodoo Magic Dolls. It is believed that through these Voodoo dolls, a practitioner can give the other person pain and can Even kill the victim.

The one who performs voodoo black magic needs a doll to be made out of fabric and then performs spell in order to take control of the victim. Though it is glorified by the Hollywood voodoo dolls movies, it still should not be performed by anyone.


You've surely heard the terrifying folklore surrounding the practice of voodoo doll black magic, but admit it – you totally want to try it anyway. Maybe you want to make a real voodoo doll for make Magic because you're in love with a person who won't give you the time of day (it's more effective than Tinder, that's for sure). Or maybe you want to get back your love at some nasty online bullies who won't quit.

But beware - though voodoo black magic may be effective, it can also get you in a lot of trouble. Short of selling your soul or body to the Devil (an obvious perquisite to casting any sort of ancient hex), some people have actually been arrested after committing heinous crimes with the help of voodoo black magic. The last thing you want to do in your life is get stuck in a jail cell for the rest of your life, and then be forced to live out your after life in the Devil's rather humid (and torturous) quarters.

Keeping in mind the risks, most voodoo doll magic is actually practiced for good – whether it's for healing, love, relationship or good luck. You don't need to study up on the occult to cast a voodoo magic spell either – it's actually pretty simple. So, if you're wondering how to make a real voodoo doll for black magic, just follow the steps below (but be careful what you wish for).

1. Collect Your Materials For The Voodoo Doll's Body
2. Collect An Item From The Person You Want The Doll To Represent
3. Create The Skeleton
4. Stuff Your Voodoo Doll
5. Choose The Skin Based On The Spell You're Using
6. Create The Head, Torso, And Feet
7. Decorate Your Voodoo Doll Based On Its Purpose
8. Baptize Your Voodoo Doll To Give It A Name
9. Visualize What You Want To Have Happen
10. Be Prepared To Pay Up


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